TPerc Marimbas

   On many occasions over the past three years, Team Percussion has lent instruments at no charge to Bay Area schools to help establish music programs or to increase the number of students that can participate in existing music programs at the schools.  The barrier for intrepid music teachers trying to start music programs at schools is the lack of instruments.  School administrators cannot justify buying instruments without a demonstrated demand from students for music programs.  However, teachers cannot demonstrate the demand unless they have access to instruments.  It is a Catch 22 situation.  

TPerc's Repository of Instruments

    The 'Instrument Bank' is an initiative started by Team Percussion to build a repository of musical instruments to foster the growth of the music ecosystem in the schools of the Silicon Valley.  The Instrument Bank is a lending library of instruments to serve as a catalyst to establish more music programs in more schools.  

   From a band director who has borrowed from the Instrument Bank, "The worst scenario possible for an educator is to have an abundance of eager students, but to lack the physical equipment needed to teach is really heartbreaking.  I have to say in 23 years of teaching, I have never seen an independent organization such as Team Percussion help schools in desperate need of additional instruments.  I can't put a stronger endorsement for the Instrument Bank, especially with cut backs to education programs, there are countless other programs that could potentially benefit."

  -  If you are one of those intrepid music teachers thinking about starting a new music program at your school and need to borrow instruments to ignite the passion for music in your students, please contact us.

  - If you have an existing music program and need to borrow some instruments so more students can participate, give us a call.  We are willing to loan the instruments for those students.

    - If you have instruments or donations to contribute to The Instrument Bank, please contact us.  

   - If you represent a corporation interested in contributing to build up the inventory of instruments, we would like to hear from you.

Phone: (415) 968 9046  -  Jim Schoenduve

Schools And Organizations Team Percussion Has Helped Thus Far:

  • Irvington High School  
  • Lynnbrook High School 
  • Independence High School
  • Fremont High School
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets Bass Line
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets Tenor Line
  • Oak Grove High School
  • Cupertino High School
  • Silvercreek High School 
  • San Jose State University
  • Foothill High School
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