Competitive Indoor Percussion
     - The Secret Performance Art

     Indoor Percussion is a combination of musicianship, athleticism, showmanship, dance and teamwork. 

     Competitions are held in gymnasiums or arenas and adjudicated by an expert panel of judges.  Each routine is five to seven minutes long.

     An "Indoor Percussion" team typically consists of 20 to 30 team members playing:
   - Snare Drums 
   - Bass Drums 
   - Quad Drums  (Tenors)
   - Cymbals 
   - Marimbas 
   - Vibraphones
   - Electronic Keyboards 
   - Percussion Instruments 

The instruments in 'the pit' can be stationary or mobile depending on the theme of the show, whereas the team members playing the drums and cymbals move in precisely choreographed routines.

Participation requires a tremendous commitment of both time and stamina.


Sunday       9 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday      6 PM to 9 PM
Thursday     6 PM to 9 PM


- TPerc USA Bushido!
   - RhythmX 2009
   - Pulse 2010
  - Music City Mystique 2011
  - Aimachi 2010
  - Fans Favorite Percussion Vol II
  - Best of WGI 2010
  - Best of WGI 2009

Where are the competitions held?

Team Percussion USA competes on the circuits pertinent for the locale of the team such as the Winter Guard International (WGI) circuit.  Auditions are held in November and rehearsals begin in December.  The competitive season starts in January  and runs through April with the finals at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.