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Team Percussion USA is a California based 501C3 non-profit organization formed in 2012.  Every dollar donated is given right back to the program for the students. Because we campaign and market our own organization, we are able to focus and direct all our efforts and money towards supporting our team members. We are an extremely flat, efficient and lean organization.  

How you can help:

1. Buy instruments - The more instruments we have, the more students we can serve.  We lend our instruments to local schools to help them establish their music programs.

2. Rent practice space - We rent space for rehearsals from local high schools such as Prospect High and Westmont High. This is a large expense for the program. Ultimately, TPerc will have its own facility.

3. Pay for instructors - We have the very best instructors in the bay area.  While they do give selflessly of their time and efforts, they need to be compensated so that the music ecosystem in the bay area can continue to grow and thrive.

4. Scale Team Percussion - The ultimate goal is to scale Team Perc to be a nationwide organization.  The program is very popular in San Jose so we would like to expand it to serve teenagers in other communities.

TPerc Marimbas

5. World Championships - Team Percussion has competed in the World Championships in Ohio each year. To compete against the very best teams in the world is a unique experience and opportunity for the students.  It validates the sacrifices made to rehearse four days a week for months as part of the program and provides a critical lesson in delayed gratification.

6. TPerc Labs - Supporting the technology initiatives in the lab helps the STEM portion of the TPerc program.

 Every dollar counts. Thank you for your donation. Here are the ways you can help out.

  • Corporate Sponsorships: Provide financial, material, or technological support
  • Cash: Support Team Percussions's efforts to bring music back to Silicon Valley for young adults
  • Equity/Stock: Support Team Percussion's efforts via stock donations
  • Vehicle/Property: Donate a vehicle or other property
  • Student Scholarship Fund: Provide financially challenged students the opportunity to be part of the team
  • The Instrument Bank: A repository of instruments to lend to schools to start their own music programs
  • Center for Percussive Arts Building Fund: A new performing arts center focused on percussion
  • Amazon Smile: Sign up for Amazon Smile to have 0.5% of every Amazon purchase donated to the Team
Donate To TPerc

Mail: Donations can be mailed directly to the following address:

Team Percussion USA
4010 Moorpark Ave #224
San Jose CA 95117


Volunteer Opportunities

Team Percussion always welcomes volunteers and help from the community here are some hands on ways you can help. 

  • TPerc Labs: Volunteer to work with Team Percussion on technology projects such as the Quantified Percussionist
  • Audio Engineering: The high dynamic range required for high fidelity percussion music is extremely challenging. Utilization of digital signal processing techniques helps educate our students and improve our performances.
  • Social Media:  Help create and operate TPerc's social media and content marketing efforts to extend the reach of TPerc.
  • Video/Film Creativity:  We are looking to develop new frontiers in the making, editing and distribution of video content for the percussive arts. (We are already working on some very cool ideas!)