About Us

A Nationwide Organization for The Development of Teenagers

Founded in San Jose, CA, Team Percussion's (TPerc) objective is to develop tomorrow's leaders through a framework of percussion, teamwork and community service.  Having been inspired by the El Sistema program in Venezuela which establishes orchestras for kids in every village in the country, our goal is to have a Team Percussion USA chapter in every community in the United States.  TPerc's focus is on character development of teenagers via leadership training, percussion and community service.  

Our Members

Team Percussion is built of an array of dynamic young men and women starting from the age of 13 to 20 with a passion for music.  We are unique in that there are very few programs offering the combination of athleticism, musicality, choreography and teamwork through competitive indoor percussion.  We believe the combination of both leadership development and community service, we serve as a powerful force for the development of our members.

Our Program 

The curriculum is created to develop leadership skills and musical ability with the goal of expressing such skills through the development and creation of a competitive indoor percussion team.

Similar to the leadership program, the music program consists of a structured series of lessons based on a pyramid where students learn to master the foundations of music and then graduate to higher degrees of musical sophistication.  Furthermore, students receive awards upon demonstrating a mastery of the musical topics in the pyramid.

Our Instructors

   The Team Percussion USA instructors are selected for their proven ability to inspire kids as well as to teach music and leadership. 

Team Percussion USA was established as a non-profit organization in California